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Will We Have An Early Spring?

Our old friend “Punxsutawney Phil” let me down! I really was hoping for an early spring. Now, in the face of another huge snowstorm bearing down on central Virginia, I am wondering if I will be able to even get on the garden to prep it before summer! Oh well, that’s enough whining. The water table in our area has been down for years and the snow actually creates pressure to force the water down. The up side is we do get a greater benefit from the snow than the heavy rain that just runs off and washes the topsoil away with it. This is good! For all of us outdoor lovers, cabin fever has us climbing the walls and shoveling snow just doesn’t cut it.
If you’ve had the misfortune to be attacked by some of the winter bugs floating around try some of these homegrown helps. Many of you have a small windowsill herb garden and if you don’t it is a simple problem to remedy. Many articles make it seem that natural cures are something new but it is simply a resurrection of something very old. You can grow these natural medicines right at home. Strong scented herb like Rosemary, Basil, Sage, Oregano and many others have antibiotic properties. That’s why you see cinnamon toothpaste, it kills bacteria in your mouth! If you don’t have fresh herbs you can use dried. Take a coffee filter add some herbs and tie it up with a piece of butchers twine. Brew up some herb tea or simmer in a small pot or on top of the wood stove and simply release the healing vapors into the room. It’s a great air freshener too! Cloves and Ginger Root help clear sinuses. Stay healthy and breath easier so when you can get out you will be healthy and ready to dig.

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