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The Full Measure of Love

February is like the door to spring. We start to dream of the flowers soon to come, the warming days of Spring and freedom from the bondage of the cold winter. While the snow is still covering the ground it is a great time to do some pruning of trees and shrubs. One thing to remember…don’t cut off your flowers and fruit. Azaleas and rhododendrons bloom on the previous years growth so prune only after flowering. Speaking of flowers! Valentines Day is our official day to recognize “True Love”

Now comes the question “What do I get my sweetheart and the ones I love?” Remember that gifts from the heart usually can’t be bought with money and the greatest gift is one of your time. Instead of buying a card, make one. Instead of buying some candy, make some. I can’t do that you might say! It’s like we have so often heard “It’s the thought that counts”. Watch out for the excuse version of that line though, it can bite you pretty hard. “I really thought about you but..”. Truth told, it doesn’t mean anything except you were too lazy or that you really didn’t even give it a thought. Saying nothing is better than making excuses. Consider “I’m sorry” or “Thank you for loving me”. Don’t say I’ll do better…JUST DO IT! To keep yourself out of trouble check out this site for some great ideas on how to share the LOVE.

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