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We offer a wide selection of soils and compost.

Amended  Screened Topsoil Blend: Amended  Screened Topsoil Blend is our own special mixture of topsoil, organic compost which provides a natural form of slow release nitrogen and moisture retention and other natural ingredients combined together then processed thru a 1/2? screen.

Screened Fill Soil: Screened Fill Soil is clay blended with sand to prevent caking then processed thru a 1/2? screen.

Unscreened Topsoil: Unscreened Topsoil is the upper crust of soil and is the raw unprocessed material which may contain rock, root, clods and other debris.

Unscreened Fill Soil: Unscreened fill soil, may contain rocks, roots, clods and other debris.

Organic Compost: Organic material made of composted wood fiber and horse manure.

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