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Crazy Weather, Happy Daze

While spring seems to have finally sprung, Mother Nature did throw us a curve or two!  For our area Mothers Day is usually the mark of “no more frost” but that did not hold true this year.  Many tender plants felt the cold kiss and have suffered setbacks if not death.  One gardener told me “Only tomatoes and cucumbers from now on!”.   The frustration is real and patience is a true virtue of the gardener.

The ground dried up and cracked open.  The heavy clay soil in this area is mostly void of organic matter which hold the moisture and keeps the clay from turning to brick.  The addition of compost and sand builds essential soil structure  needed for veggies.  While most flowers can grow in poorer soils,  they will thrive in soil with even modest amendment.  The incorporation of any raw materials should be done in the fall but finished compost can be added at anytime.  Finishedcompost works great for side dressing your growing crops.  Straw andpine needles work great for weed control between rows and can be tilled into the soil at season’s end for the addition of organics to prepare for the following season.

Don’t let the heat beat you!  The temps are rising and the rain seems to be getting scarce.  Remember the sun screen!

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