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Spring Supplies and Landscaping Materials

Spring is really exciting already, but beware of the sneaky freeze.  For this area we are not truly past the danger zone until about mid May.   This unseasonable heat wave can tease and tempt us to plant when we should wait a little longer.  All the beautiful flowers at the garden centers lure us in and send us into a mad frenzy.  Especially after the home bound winter we have had.  Keep the frost blanket handy!  Some old curtains work great for this too.  JMJ, The Landscape Supply Centerhas the Garden Blend Soil Mix for all your beds and raised garden plots.  This spring brings an abundance of new products as well.  New items include grass seed, sod, fertilizer, straw blanket and pine needle mulch.  Be sure to stop in and check them out.  Get your hands in the dirt and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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