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Where to start with your spring garden planning!

Water, Water everywhere! A wonderful thing actually, even though it seems we are being washed away at present. The soil in our area is mostly a heavy clay that doesn’t drain well and needs amending for a good garden. It’s great for making brick! There are many choices for soil amendment and the reason behind each one varies. Most of us have heard about the benefits of compost. Compost is really just a decomposed organic material typically made from yard waste, leaves, bark and food scraps (never use any meat products). Compost adds nutrients, holds moisture and improves soil structure. Tilling in leaves in the fall is a great way to get rid of your leaves and improve your garden and the composting is done in the ground. Sand or small stone are added for drainage. A course sand is preferred and many of you may have heard of a lightweight aggregate which is made from an expanded shale. It not only greatly improves drainage but holds water. You get a double whammy! More bang for the buck…and nowadays we all need that! The very best way to find out what you need is to have the soil tested. You can do this through your local extension office. This link will take you to the contact listing to find you local office.

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