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Price List

Natural and Crushed Decorative Landscape Stone
Large White Stone - Natural (3/4" x 1 1/2")Ton$107.50
Medium White Stone - Natural (7/8" x 9/16")Ton$101.00
White Rice - Natural (1/4" x 1/8")Ton$125.00
Brown Rip-Rap Stone - Natural (4” x 6”)Ton$78.00
Brown Rip-Rap Stone - Natural (8” x 12”)Ton$89.00
Large Brown Stone - Natural (1-1/2" x 2")Ton$96.00
Medium Brown Stone - Natural (3/4" x 1-1/2")Ton$96.00
Brown Pea Stone - Natural (1/2" x 1/4")Ton$96.00
Brown Crusher Run - 1/2" minusTon$76.50
Large Crushed Brown Stone (7/8" x 1")Ton$93.00
Crushed Brick ChipsTon$110.00
Earth Rose Crushed Stone - 1/2"Ton$149.00
Earth Rose Crushed Stone - 1"Ton$149.00
White Marble Chips - 1"Ton$158.00
Driveway, Drainage and Erosion Control Stone
#57 Crushed LimestoneTon$35.00
#68 Crushed LimestoneTon$37.00
#78 Crushed LimestoneTon$40.50
#8 Crushed LimestoneTon$41.00
#10 Rock SandTon$35.00
Crusher Run LimestoneTon$29.95
#357 Crushed LimestoneTon$35.00
#40 Limestone BallastTon35.00
Rip-Rap LimestoneTon$45.00
Soil & Soil Blends
Course FillCu. Yd.$8.00
Unscreened Fill SoilCu. Yd.$17.00
Screened Fill SoilCu. Yd.$27.00
Topdressing MixCubic Yard$39.00
Amended Topsoil BlendCu. Yd.$32.50
Garden Blend Soil MixCu. Yd.$35.50
Screened CompostCu. Yd.$39.00
Leaf CompostCu. Yd.$25.00
Compost Topdressing BlendCu. Yd.$37.00
Shredded Bark, Decorative and Playground Mulches
Mixed Hardwood Bark MulchCu. Yd.$26.00
Oak Bark MulchCu. Yd.$30.00
Pine Bark MulchCu. Yd.$30.00
Pine SawdustCu. Yd.$24.00
Naturalization Mulch - Course GrindCu. Yd.$21.00
Pine Mini NuggetsCu. Yd.$38.00
Eastern Aromatic Cedar MulchCu. Yd.$45.00
Red "Woodscape" MulchCu. Yd.$39.75
Black "Woodscape" MulchCu. Yd.$39.75
Brown "Woodscape" MulchCu. Yd.$39.75
"Soft Play" Certified Playground MulchCu. Yd.$32.00
Colored Rubber Mulch (1 ton bag)TonP.O.R.
Masonry (mortar) SandTon$57.50
White Play (masonry) SandTon$62.00
White Silica SandTon$32.00
River SandTon$54.50
Flagging Stone
Slate Flagging (3/4" - 1" thick)Ton$391.00
Slate - 12" x 12"Each$5.70
Slate - 12" x 18"Each$8.25
Slate - 12" x 24"Each$10.25
Slate - 18" x 18"Each$17.25
Bluestone FlaggingTon$200.00
Assorted Landscape BouldersTonPriced per stone
Seed, Fertilizer, Herbicide & Other Products
#1 Railroad Ties - used 8'Each$18.99
#2 Railroad Ties - used 8'Each$12.99
Straw Blanket 8' x 112'Roll$39.95
50# Southern Lawn Turf type Fescue Grass SeedBag$99.99
50# Contractors Seed BlendBag$69.99
25# Southern Shade Seed MixBag$74.95
40# Pelletized LimeBag$4.99
14-20-14 Starter Fertilizer w/ 30% XRT 50#Bag$31.49
16-4-8 Fertilizer 25 % SCU 50#Bag$26.95
Barricade Weed n Feed (pre-emergent) 50#Bag$39.00
Escalade Weed n' Feed (post-emergent) 50#Bag$43.00
10-10-10 Fertilizer 50#Bag$17.99
41% Glyphosate Weed Killer - 2.5 Gallon (Roundup equivalent)Each$59.95
41% Glyphosate Weed Killer - Pint (Roundup equivalent)Each$9.75
Hardware Products
"Loadhandler" Pick-up Unloader - Mid Size 2200 lb capacityEach$99.99
"Loadhandler" Pick-up Unloader - Full Size 2200 lb capacityEach109.99
"Loadhandler" Pick-up Unloader - Full Size Heavy Duty
3000 lb capacity
"Loadhandler" Full Size "Cargo Catch" Truck Bed OrganizerEach115.00
Hand Tools - Rakes, Shovels, Pitch Forks and moreEachVarious Prices per Item
Landscape Fabric - 3' up to 12' wideRollVarious Prices by size
Klingstone Paths Stone Bond5 gal. $220.00
Daisy 880 S Air RifleEach$59.95
Daisy Pink Lever Action Air RifleEach$52.49
Daisy Red Ryder Lever Action Air RifleEach$52.49
Wooden "Whiskey" BarrelsEach$129.00 (2 or more $120.00 each)
Plastic Barrels - food gradeEach$25.00 (3 or more $20.00 each)
Tote - food grade 250 gal.Each$149.00
Service and Fees
Soil Test with printed resultsEach$25.00
Local Delivery (10 mile radius)Per Trip$60.00
Delivery (beyond 10 mile radius)Per TripCALL FOR QUOTE

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